In 2009 Maja Cornelius made the first fur bumbag. It was made with rabbit fur and came to life out of her own urge to wear exactly a piece like that. The idea of making it into a business was not a part of the creation. With time, it slowly gained more and more attention, and the fundament was created.

Maja Cornelius has a Design Bachelor in Fashion and is also a skilled craftsman with specialty in women’s fashion. Her studio is placed in Copenhagen and here she produces everything from stretching the skin, putting together the bumbags and sewing the dustbags.    

The design of the bags is based on Maja Cornelius’s art of color combinations and her naive interpretation, shapes and details. The fur is the essential part of the design and the best mink and fox are coming from Saga Furs.

The most important with the products is the high standards in the details and the craftsmanship. It is the sense of having something really beautiful and solid handwork.